In the crossfire

I went to Friday’s taping of “Crossfire” along with a group of students from the Fund (everything’s about the Fund, isn’t it?). As you could see from the transcript, it was a pretty boring show.

It was mildly interesting to see how they film the show and a little bit of the behind the scenes stuff. I still think having a studio audience for a political discussion show is stupid, though. The price of going to one of these “free” tapings is applause. We had to clap about a gazillion times — going into commercial, coming out of commercial, when Tucker “I think that they like the bow tie” Carlson wiped his nose, and on and on.

While Carlson and Begala pretended to fight for most of the evening, they both agreed that the Dubya’s daughters repeated violations of the law should not be reported by the press. They both hammered the Post’s “Reliable Source” columnist Lloyd Grove for reporting that the 20-year-old twins had a gay old time in D.C. drinking Buds and chain-smoking cigarettes.

The funniest part about it is that they did it at a place called Stetson’s, a Texas-themed bar in D.C. Just like daddy, Texas is never far from their minds, even in Washington.

I thought Grove had the best response after Begala and Carlson piled on. “Remember,” he said, “I’m a gossip columnist.” Exactly.