Dry clean only

As in, you should only have one choice of dry cleaners. At least, you might believe that if you read a sign at the Uptown Valet dry cleaners a few blocks away from where I’m living at Georgetown. I went in there to drop off my sportcoat the other day and after I had completed the transaction I saw a sign posted on the register.

It said, and I paraphrase: “We have not expanded next door. Another dry cleaners has decided to open next door even though you know we offer the best service and the best price. We are very unpleased by this unfair and inappropriate act.”

Hmm … if they offer the best service at the best price, why are they worried about the folks opening up next door? My favorite part is the accusation that it’s “unfair and inappropriate” for another dry cleaners to move in next door. I wonder if McDonald’s says the same thing when a Burger King opens across the street. Needless to say, I’m going to a different place in the future, and it’s closer to home too.