Julian donkeyboy

So I finally met up with longtime Internet buddy Julian Sanchez last night after work. I met him at a bar called Stoney’s and he introduced me to a bunch of folks from Cato, including Jerry Brito and Gene Healy.

Then we split up for a while and I met Julian and his girlfriend later on at a party at the home (I guess) of Kevin B. Zeese, president of Common Sense for Drug Policy. You’ve probably seen their ads in public affairs magazines like Reason, The New Republic, National Review, etc.

I used the downstairs bathroom and Zeese had a very funny sign posted right above the toilet: “Certified Urine Drug Tester,” or something to that effect. It was a legit poster, too — I imagine a friend got it for him as a practical joke. I don’t recall the exact wording. Anyway, I met a bunch of Koch fellows there, as well as LP campus coordinator Marc Brandl, for whom I can’t locate a Web site at just the moment. All were very friendly and we had some fun conversation and a few beers, too, of course.

Then I took a cab home and went to some parties around the dorms at Alumni Square here in Georgetown, which naturally weren’t as libertarian-infested and therefore less interesting.

Hmph. I might go to this. I am free Wednesday night.