Unreliable sources

In a fine story debunking some of the previously reported profits of porn companies, AlterNet’s Emanuelle Richard (link via InstaPundit) makes the mistake of relying on none other than Luke Ford as a supposedly reliable source. Richard concludes:

With the increased coverage, and the addition of porn beats at a handful of mainstream publications, the myths about the adult business are bound to give way to a more accurate picture. But, says Luke Ford, it might take a while.

“The media don’t catch the baloney, the lies, the true horror of this industry that you capture when you go on sets and you mix with the people, and you just see the cavalier way they deal with life,” Ford said. “Every one of these people lie. Everyone. They lie by habit. When their lips move, they’re saying lies — they can’t help it. … If the greatest reporter in the world decides to make porn his beat, it would still take him a year or two to get up to speed.”

Yeah, it’s a colorful quote, and I might have concluded my story the same way. But Luke Ford — who makes Matt Drudge look like Bob Woodward — is hardly the guy to talk about great reporting. Sure, he knows firsthand of the deviousness of many people in the porn industry, but he did his part to make reliable information about the porn industry hard to come by in reporting rumors, gossip and off-the-record conversations on his pseudo-news site.

He burned as many times as he was burned, and is not exactly the kind of disinterested observer you should turn to for a balanced view of what’s really going on in the industry. I guess Richard’s years of covering porn — on and off — did not teach her that much.