Talk about gutsy wins

It seems as though everyone thought the Nets would not be able to bounce back from game three, but I couldn’t see that happenning. Jason Kidd was perfectly calm after the game and it was clear that he had the right attitude about how to go about winning the next game.

Also, the Nets really have outplayed the Celtics in this series, and they did it again today. Just as the Lakers were lucky to win game four against the Kings on Horry’s buzzer-beating shot, so the Celtics didn’t really deserve to win games three or four.

I think that, right now, you’d have to say the momentum is with the Kings and the Nets. Both have regained home-court advantage and have clearly outplayed their opponents. And I think the Kings will bounce back from game four just as the Nets bounced back from game three.

Whatever happens, it should be exciting. The Celtics need to play the kind of defense they played in the second half today for the entire 48 minutes on Wednesday night.