Beyond parody

“Factual error found on the Internet,” The Onion reported this week. It’s funny, of course, because it’s obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense that there are many unreliable sources of information on the Internet.

But apparently Dr. Daniel Seidman of Tel-Aviv University didn’t understand the concept. He did a study examining the reliability of information on the Internet about the abortion pill RU-486 and found that “sites intentionally emphasizing extremely rare complications may lead women — especially young girls — to postpone their decision to seek medical care, thereby increasing the danger of medical complications known to be associated with delayed termination of pregnancy.”

Unreliable information about abortion on the Internet? Who’d of thunk it?! It’s a shame, of course, that anti-abortionists resort to disinformation campaigns, but the fact that a lot of sites favor their point of view over the facts is not exactly newsworthy. Indeed, this site is a prime example of it!