All Chandra, all the time

I remember how much I enjoyed the Chandra Levy story last summer. It was a refreshing memory of the halcyon days of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Sure, Gary Condit was a relatively unknown congressman and not the president, but he did have an extramarital affair, and those are always interesting.

Moreover, this was something I could stomach listening to on the news talk shows. Instead of watching politicians and pundits the dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican plans to run my life, I could watch all Chandra, all the time! And my view is that any time there is a focus in Washington, D.C., on something other than substantive policy, then the least harm is being done.

That’s not quite the case this time around. There is a war on terrorism that needs to, and should be, fought. Still, this ghastly little murder mystery is, in a way, a welcome respite from the war, the Middle East and Robert Blake. Mickey Kaus does a good job of putting together the latest clues to the puzzle.

Now, if I were editing a newspaper, I certainly wouldn’t put Chandra on page one, but I’m not going to get all pissy about the fact that this is a juicy story a good chunk of people find fascinating and want to know more about.