Pedro vs. the Bambino

Not ony did Pedro Martinez pitch the Red Sox to victory over the Yankees in the first of a crucial four-game series, he took on the curse of the Bambino as well. As reported by the Associated Press:

“Babe Ruth was one of the greatest men for the community. I don’t think he would want to curse not even his worst enemy.

“I don’t believe in curses,” he said then. “Wake up the damn Bambino, maybe I’ll drill him.”

Well, one way to end curses is to pitch the way Pedro did. He went seven innings, gave up only four hits, one run, two walks and struck out 10. And Urbina got the job done again in relief. The Red Sox blew so many painful games in relief last year, between Derek Lowe, Rod Beck and everybody else they tried. I look forward to watching the Sunday night game on ESPN.