I guess they’re not complete losers:

Remember I wrote about the miracle of “Chuck & Buck’s” being produced by the same people who brought us “American Pie”? Well, I guess the Weitz brothers (who star in and produced “Chuck & Buck”) are not such losers, after all.

They are behind Hugh Grant’s latest vehicle, “About a Boy,” which apparently has some heart and is better than the average Hugh Grant movie. It should be, as its based on the Nick Hornby novel. Ebert gave it three and a half stars.

And here’s an interesting interview with the Weitz brothers from The Onion. For example, Chris Weitz says:

In a sense, we’re taking the studio route, so we’ve made a deal with what could be the devil. But I think we’ve managed to do pretty much what we’ve wanted to do within the system. Of course, there’s huge financial pressure. Studios are basically banks, and they want their money back, so that’s where all the pressure is coming from. They think they know how to make money: according to formulas. Given that, I think we’ve managed to make things relatively non-formulaic, but part of that is keeping our budgets really low.

We actually had a lower budget this time than the last time we made a movie. I saw [director Kinka Usher] at the première of Mystery Men, and he came in front and gave a speech, in which he said, “Thanks to the studio for giving me the extra 20 million bucks to really make the movie I wanted to.” And I thought, “Man, you poor sap. You’ve gotten yourself 20 million bucks deeper in the shit.”

Many other inside Hollywood insights to be found in the interview. Check it out. Still not going to see “About a Boy,” though.