A gun group by any other name …

The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence has fought for 27 years to restrict the rights of gun owners in a misguided attempt to reduce gun violence. So it came as a shock when ICHV released a media notice calling for more gun rights.

Ah, the vagaries of state law. The Illinois State Rifle Association snapped up ICHV’s name when the ICHV didn’t file its annual business report. My favorite part of the story is the following:

Alison Barkley, attorney for the new council, said the move was perfectly legal and the name accurately suits the mission of the new group to increase “accessibility of firearms for self-defense.”

“The new organization is not interested in the donors or the members of the old group. Just the name. The name represents it very well,” Barkley said.

Heh, heh, heh. Maybe what was ICHV will have to change its name to something more honest, like the Illinois Council Against Self-Defense. Kinda catchy, no?