Fourteen short

The Cubs ended their losing streak by not only winning today, but by coming from behind to win. And not only that. Fred McGriff, of all people, hit a two-run home run to tie it. And the Cubs even overcame a blown save by Antonio Alfonseca. It was not exactly an impressive victory, but a nice one nonetheless.

It does mean, however, that Cubs fell 14 consecutive losses short of the Phillies’ all-time record for most losses in a row. D’oh! I have a feeling that they’ll get started on another losing streak right away, though.

By the way, Bobby Hill scored the Cubs’ last two runs. Why wasn’t DeShields playing? Come on, Baylor. Moves like that might actually keep you employed.

The Cubs now have the second worst record in the National League. Who has the worst record? The Brewers. Five of the Brewers’ 14 wins (35 percent) so far this year have come against the Cubs.