Why do you need a gun?: Isn’t that what 911 is for?

So goes the argument against gun rights. But 911 didn’t work for Ronyale White, who waited 17 minutes for police to respond to her call for help. Her ex-husband, against whom she had a restraining order, shot her to death before police arrived.

This was an extreme case of police incompetence, though, and it still remains unclear whether the original car dispatched ever even arrived at the scene. But the truth remains that many women find themselves in a similar situation and choose to arm themselves in self-defense. And cities like Chicago don’t allow it, not even for self-defense in their own homes, not to mention out on the streets.

The police cannot be expected, and are not required to, stop crimes before they occur. Not everyone wants a gun and certainly not everyone should own one (e.g., convicted felons). But law-abiding people should have the option of owning a gun. Ronyale White is one person who would have been much better off than relying on the Chicago police.