For Israel’s sake

Previously, I linked to an article by someone sympathetic to the Palestinians who argued that the United States should disentangle itself from the Middle East. Now here’s a provocative column by WorldNetDaily‘s Joseph Farah — a pro-Israeli hawk — that argues that Israel’s long-term interests are best served by United States getting out. Here’s the nut of Farah’s argument:

The truth is the U.S. has no keys to peace in the Mideast. No amount of arm-twisting, lobbying, negotiations, monitoring or strong words will get Arafat to put aside his hatred of the Jews and his commitment to their destruction.

Placing more Americans in the Middle East only provides the terrorists with more targets.

This is not a conflict between two sides with legitimate grievances, as Zinni and the State Department like to pretend. This is not a conflict where we can expect good-faith dialogue from both sides. This is not a conflict where goodwill alone — nor even self-interest — can help set aside evil intentions.

Of course, in Farah’s view, the evil intentions belong to Arafat and the Palestinian terrorist organizations. The truth is, no matter where you stand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there’s no reason to believe that American involvement makes things any better.