Why does Dubya oppose arming pilots?

At least, the people in his administration do. A House bill would allow trained pilots to carry guns to protect themselves and protect passengers from a terrorist hijacking. But Dubya’s crew isn’t so hot on the idea:

Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge oppose the legislation. Mineta has said guns in the cockpit are not needed because cockpit doors have been reinforced, preventing terrorists from getting control of the plane.

Apparently, the pilots themselves don’t feel that’s enough. Why shouldn’t they have the option of arming themselves? They’ve got guns with special bullets that would not pierce the skin of a plane. No pilot who didn’t want to carry a gun would have to. And any pilot who volunteered would have to undergo special training.

I suppose Dubya & Co. would just prefer to leave the pilots and their passengers as sitting ducks. Or do they really think that federalized airport security is anything but a joke? The Justice Department recently said it thinks that the Second Amendment applies to individuals, not just militias. I guess pilots don’t fall into either category.