Deluded Dubya

Here’s Steve Chapman on Dubya’s “delusions on mental-health treatment.” He lays out the case against mental-health parity very well. Here’s a tasty nugget:

What the advocates fail to explain is why American businesses would refuse to provide something that is so cheap and yet so valuable. Employers don’t have to provide any health insurance at all, and those that do are not acting entirely out of the kindness of their hearts. Most do it because they have to compete to attract and keep good workers. If mental-health coverage were something treasured by employees and easy to afford, you can be sure that businesses would be knocking each other down to provide it.

In fact, companies are not only declining to offer such broad coverage but resisting congressional efforts to force it down their throats. That suggests they don’t believe mental- health “parity” is quite the free lunch it pretends to be.

Why should I even bother with a career in journalism when Steve Chapman‘s already around to do the heavy lifting? I suppose he’ll die someday. Otherwise …

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