Happy birthday, Cato!

You’ve come a long way, baby.

The libertarian Cato Institute turned 25 yesterday, which means that it was born only four days before I was. That never occurred to me before. John Fund wrote a nice little tribute. Here’s a nice column from founder Ed Crane on why Sept. 11 calls for us to refocus government on its first priority — defending our borders — and otherwise retreat.

Crane rightly points out Sept. 11 was a grand failure of government to do the one task which is most important. And yet, the CIA and the Justice Department are now dragging their feet in releasing information that will help us find out how the Al Qaeda terrorists were not stopped before they could commit their “evildoings” on Sept. 11.

In the end, I think Cato has done a great job of being both principled and pragmatic in its approach to advancing the libertarian cause in Washington, D.C. Here’s to 25 more years. I’d love to say that in 25 years much of Cato’s agenda will have been accomplished, but I don’t think it will come even close to that in 250 years.