Earth to Kenny Anderson

What an ugly, ugly game. The Celtics’ 66-64 win over the Pistons broke by 12 points the previous record for lowest combined points in a playoff game since the introduction of the 24-second shot clock.

And what was Kenny Anderson thinking when he fouled Chuck Atkins behind the three-point arc with 2.8 seconds left in the game? The Celtics were up by four, so even if he had made the shot, the Celtics still would have been ahead. It was an inexplicably dumb play which almost cost the Celtics the game.

Notice on the last play that Pierce reached in and slammed the ball to the ground on the rebound, making it bounce high into the air just long enough that Stackhouse’s three-pointer was still in his hands when the buzzer went off. Smart play, Pierce. It was a terrible game, but the Celtics won. That’s what matters.

Hopefully, Pierce, Walker and company will find their shooting touch on Sunday and go up 3-1. A note: The Celtics still have not lost a playoff game in the Fleet Center. Everyone talked about the ghosts of the Boston Garden. I wonder what kind of spirits inhabit the Fleet Center. The phantasms of corporate naming rights?