Reading evil minds

What gets missed by those who oppose the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that banning virtual child porn is unconstitutional is the fact that cultural texts examining child sexual abuse will be dragged into the net along with things meant only to arouse prurient interest among pedophiles.

The sexual abuse of children is of course a terribly tragedy, but it is movies like “The Tin Drum” and novels like “Lolita” that will be punished most prominently. Indeed, pedophiles are well known for finding the most innocent photographs of children posing in Sears catalogues or teen stars in “Tiger Beat” arousing. There is no way to control evil thoughts, but we can do a much better job of actually punishing the people who abuse children.

A good start would be letting nonviolent drug users out of prison so that child molesters do the hard, long time that they deserve. Michael Lynch and Steve Chapman both wrote good columns on the subject. Julian Sanchez also has something to say about it, as does Amy Phillips.