Sick of myself when I look at you

On the Cubs radio broadcast, when they’re coming back from a commercial they sometimes have a short musical intro but it fades before any singing begins. I knew it sounded familiar. It was some mid-’90s alternative hit, I knew. Then one day it came to me. It’s Matthew Sweet‘s “Sick of Myself.”

The song starts off with a great guitar riff and is a wonderful power pop gem. I can understand why they’d use the intro. But the lyrics are so fitting for introducing a Cubs broadcast. Here’s a portion:

You don’t know how you move me
Deconstruct me
And consume me
I’m all used up
I’m out of luck
I am starstruck
By something in your eyes
That is keeping my hope alive
But I’m sick of myself when I look at you
Something is beautiful and true
In a world that’s ugly and a lie
It’s hard to even want to try
And I’m beginning to think
Baby you don’t know

If that doesn’t describe Cub fandom, I don’t know what does. Here are the complete lyrics.