People keep calling me

It’s nice to know that, even though I’ve already decided what to do this summer, I’m still getting responses from places. The National Journalism Center offered me an internship without even an interview, and it’s a shame too, because it’s a good program and it pays. Six weeks of working on an in-depth project for them and then six weeks of interning at a news bureau in D.C.

But too little too late. I’m trying to get them to work out some kind of arrangement with IPJ so I could do my IPJ internship with them. I don’t think it’s going to happen, though. I also got a call from Liberty Suburban Newspapers in Oak Brook, Ill., and I have an interview set with someone there to discuss perhaps doing something when I get back from D.C.

I also got an e-mail regarding a paid copy editor internship at a paper in Vero Beach, Fla. Ah, well. I don’t know that I would have wanted to do that anyway.