If we blink, everybody else goes to sleep

A site called DubyaSpeak.com a great compendium of Dubya faux pas. Thanks to my dad for sending along the link. Here’s one I referenced in the headline:

See, if we blink, everybody else goes to sleep. History has called us into action. History has laid the mantle of responsibility for peace squarely on our shoulders. I accept that responsibility, and so does the American people. — Santa Clara, Calif., May 1, 2002

There are many, many more there, categorized by subject. They also keep track of new and memorable quotes in the Fresh Dubya section. DubyaSpeak.com even has audio. For blunders he actually repeated on various occasions, there’s the Dubya – Repeat Offender section. Fantastic.

You might like or dislike Dubya’s politics, but you’ve got to admit that he has a unique talent for mangling the language. The folks at DubyaSpeak.com are a little picky on some things, such as pointing out that a desk Dubya referred to as the H.M.S. Resolute is actually known as the Resolute Desk, but there’s a lot of gold to be found here.