Two out of three ain’t bad

A sweep of the Pirates would have been nicer, and might have come off if not for that amazing double play turned by Jack Wilson and Pokey Reese in the top of the ninth on Saturday. This stat says a lot: In their seven losses so far, the Cubs have scored only seven runs. That’s 1.85 runs per loss. By contrast, in their four wins the Cubs have scored 24 runs for a six runs per game average.

But the Cubs pulled one out today in between all the rain, and the Cubs Web site has Wood — blister and all — listed as the official starter tomorrow against the Expos. While the Expos are on the major-league baseball chopping block, they’re actually 6-6 so far this year, so they aren’t as much a pushover as you’d imagine.

Still, the Expos are one of those teams need to handle. Let’s make it two series wins in a row.