Welcome to the blog

Oh, God, please no! Not another blog. Yes, God, yes! It’s another blog. This blog will cover just about anything that comes to my mind. But if you know me, that means a lot of posts about politics, music movies and sports. More specifically, a lot of scribbling about libertarian stuff, Bob Dylan and the Cubs.

But I will also be posting stuff about my wedding arrangements and other personal news and ruminations. I will probably post about once or twice a day, though it is hard to say in advance how frequently I will post.

So why a blog? Well, I’ve been a fan of the form for a while now, first reading Andrew Sullivan and Virginia Postrel regularly, the latter of whom pointed me to Glenn Reynolds’ InstaPundit site, now known as “The New York Times of the bloggers,” according to Pravda (and, really, is there any more reliable news source?). And, as more and more online friends and acquaintances began starting their blogs (Julian Sanchez, Amy Phillips, Chuck Karczag), I started getting a little — well — jealous.

I hope this blog will encourage me to write more often, though I do write quite a fair bit for journalism classes at Columbia and for the Chronicle. But as an aspiring journalist, you can never write too much. It’s been probably four years since I’ve kept a regular journal, and while this won’t be intensely personal, it will provide me with the kind of regular, low-pressure writing outlet that a journal provides.

Nota bene: While this post did indeed mark the April 2002 start of my blog, I posted some nonblog content to the site that dates earlier (for example).