Come on, baby, light my Firebird

I downloaded Mozilla’s Firebird a while back and after some hemming and hawing decided to make it my default Web browser. Their development team has worked up a reasonable approximination of the Google toolbar, but still have plenty of bugs in their Yahoo! Companion imitation.

Tabbed browsing overcomes a lot, however, and Windows XP seems to cooperate pretty well with changing the default browser, which was surprising to me. Anyhow, I wanted to show Karen the tabbed browsing feature and she said, “Oh, Kevin!”

A smile crept across her face, her voice softened, her heart melted, her body writhed with desire.

“You know about Firebird? I’m so impressed!”

Yeah, I married the right girl.

UPDATE: Karen points out that her exact words were, “That is SO sexy!” Thanks for refreshing my recollection, babe.